Immunohistochemistry (IHC) Services

Many immunostains (especially for human tissues) are routinely available along with control tissues (provided at no additional fees). The stock of commonly used reagents including primary antibody (additional charges apply or specific reagents could be provided by the client) and secondary reagents (included in price) is maintained by the laboratory director and list of these reagents is available upon request. Reagents that are not on the list and unusually expensive reagents must be provided by the client.

Currently we offer to our clients the following IHC research protocols:

Total Protein ExpressionPhosphorylated Protein
Acetyl-Histone H4 Ki-67  p-Akt
Akt Mac3  p-c-JUN
Smoth Muscle Actin Myeloperoxidase  p-c-KIT
Cathepsin B OPN (AKm2A1)  p-ERK
CD31 OPN (Osteopontin)  p-MEK1/2 (p-STAT3)
CD68 p38  p-p38 (Monoclonal)
c-JUN p53  p-p38 (Polyclonal)
c-KIT PDFG-A  p-ERK 1/2 (p44/42 MAPK)
Cleaved Caspace-3 PDFG-B  p-SAPK/JNK
HIF-1 SMI 312  p-VEGFR2
Iba1 STAT3  p-PTEN (Monoclonal)
JNK STAT5  p-PTEN (Polyclonal)

If you dont see something you need - please contact the Laboratory Director for further discussion .