Cureline BioPathology

CBP has been a trusted partner for pre-clinical and translational histopathology studies to 200+ of local and global clients including pharma, biotech, medical device and diagnostics companies, major academic centers, NIH and international scientific consortia. We specialize is high-end comprehensive histopathology for animal and human tissues including standard and custom protocols for clinical tissue processing and analysis; preclinical studies animal tissue gross trimming, processing and cryo-sectioning; supporting exploratory biomarkers studies by immunohistochemical and FISH services; designing and producing TMA from clinically-specific HBS; and providing HD tissue slide scanning and digital image analysis.

CBP experienced and motivated histology team provides uncompromised quality services. For over a decade, CBP have been receiving praise from the clients for supporting therapeutic and diagnostic clinical trials, implementing transfer of custom laboratory protocols, delivering translational histology and pathology reports for thousands of specimens, conducting toxicology studies and managing other complex projects.

Please visit our HBS tissue bank and translational histopathology laboratory in Brisbane, CA, conveniently located near San Francisco and the SFO airport, next to Highway 101 in a newly renovated laboratory with state-of-the-art facilities.
  1. h


    Global commercial HBS biobank

  2. dp

    Digital Pathology

    Precision histopathology laboratory

  3. tma


    Analytical services laboratory

  4. ifb

    IHC & FISH Biomarkers

    Glycoproteomics and biomarkers

  5. ma

    Molecular Analysis

    DNA, RNA, Proteins


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Cureline Group Services

Cureline Group is a recognized global leader in human biospecimen procurement and translational medicine services since 2003.  Together, we offer tissue research excellence for precision medicine programs: HBS biobanking, translational histopathology services, and comprehensive molecular analytical services. Proudly, Cureline is a part of the US government programs (NCI, NIH, USA) aimed at decoding the human cancer genome (TCGA) and proteome (CPTAC) resulting in numerous publications in top peer-reviewed journals (Nature, Cell, NEJM, Nature Cell, etc.)