Outstanding Expertise in Precision Medicine Research Histology

CBP team has an outstanding expertise in research histology standard and custom protocols implementation. If you would like to place a research histology project with us, please download a Research Histology Request Form, fill in the details of your project and fax or e-mail it to Histology Director.


Download Research Histology Request Form


We currently offer the following histology laboratory services to research communities worldwide:

  • Human and animal tissue processing and slide preparation
  • Immunohistochemical staining using research IHC protocols on human and animal tissues
  • Development and optimization of custom IHC protocols for human and animal tissues
  • Publication-quality digital tissue slide images (multiple formats)
  • Digital quantification of IHC images
  • Comprehensive pathology report provided by the US board-certified MD pathologists
  • Expertise in staining difficult specimens (cell pellets, whole brain sections, etc.)
  • Most popular research assays (apoptosis / TUNEL staining, activated protein IHC, etc.) 


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